The wireless Setup wizard helps the users to connect their HP printer to the wifi network.  It is available only for the chosen HP printer model having the touch screen on the printer control panel.  You can download and install the software and connect the printer using the 123.hp.com web link. If you want to get rid of the password hassle, you can also go for the WPS connection method for connecting your printer to the wireless network. In this guide, we are going to share the simple steps that can help you to connect the printer to a wireless network using the 123.hp.com link. So, read the guide and follow the mentioned instructions to complete the process. 

Before you begin with the process, it is very important for you to make sure that you have the following things: 

  • Wireless HP printer. 
  • SSID or Network name. 
  • WEP or WPA passphrase or Network Password. 
  • A system having wireless capabilities. 

Steps to follow

  • Turn on your router,  printer, and computer.  Connect your computer to the same network to which you would like to connect your printer.
  •  Now, disconnect all the connected Ethernet and USB cables.
  • Go to the printers control panel and click on the ‘Setup, Network, or Wireless’ menu, 
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines on the 123.hp.com/setup  to  establish a successful network connection to your printer

Important:  be careful while you enter the network password for your printer,  the password is case sensitive.  Once you have successfully connected your printer to the internet,  the Wi-Fi lights will stop blinking.

Wi-Fi protected setup

Wi-Fi protected setup can help you to connect the printer to the internet without using the password.  This method is only suggested if your router is encrypted with WPA.  In case it is encrypted using any other method,  it is better to connect the printer using the wireless setup wizard.

 You can either go with the Push method or Pin method for connecting your printer. Using the Push method is quite simple as compared to the Pin method. Below is the step by step guidelines you can follow for this: 

 Push-button method

  • Some printers ask to choose between the WPS and Wireless Setup Wizard. In that scenario, you have to choose the WPS or the Push button method. 
  • Press and hold the ‘WPS’ button on your router for about 3 seconds and wait until your printing device is connected to the network. 
  • Once you have successfully connected your printer to the internet, wifi light will stop to blink. 

Pin Method

  • Choose the Pin method from the ‘WPS’ menu. 
  • The pin you are supposed to enter will be shown on the control panel of your printer.
  • Go to the router utility page and enter the WPS pin.

In case you are having trouble in the printer wireless setup process, you can simply visit 123.hp.com printer setup and follow the provided instructions to get rid of the issue. 

Download the printer drivers and software

For the smooth and hassle-free functioning of your device, it is very important to download the printer driver and software. You can visit the HP 123 setup link to download the driver and software for your device. 

We hope that these simple steps will help you to complete the HP Printer Setup for your device. Although the steps are simple, if you still have trouble completing the printer setup process, you can contact the experts and take the professional advice to get rid of the issue.