Brother MFC l2700dw connect to WiFI

Brother MFCL2700DW  all in one printer that fulfils all the printing, scanning, and copying requirements.  This black and white laser printer is a compact wireless machine can print 30ppm and has ‘Double-Sided Printing’ standard.  In order to take the benefit of Wi-Fi capabilities of Brother printer, you need to complete the Brother MFC l2700dw connect to wifi setup for your device.    It is very simple to set up the Brother wireless printer following the guidelines mentioned in the user mania. But,  you are not familiar the with the setup process, you can go with the simple guidelines below to Brother MFC l2700dw connect to WiFi setup for your device. In this post, we have highlighted all the steps you need to follow for Brother printer setup.

To begin the process

Make sure that your device is compatible with the printer setup. To check the device specification, you can check the user manual. Now, let move to the next point and learn the steps to Brother MFC l2700dw connect to WiFi network.

How to Connect Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer to WiFi?

Brother MFC l2700dw Setup: Guidelines To Follow

  • Before you proceed with Brother MFC l2700dw Setup, you need to check and note down the network name and password, you will need these details later to connect the printer to Wireless network.   Check for the network name,  see the best side of your router or access point. If it is not present there, you can check it in the printer manual.
  •  Once you have the Wi-Fi network name and password,  you can simply connect your Brother printer to the power outlet using the power cord and turn it on.
  •  After turning on the printer, you need to click on the ‘Menu’ button on the Control Panel of the printer. 
  • Use the Up and Down array key and select ‘Network’.   Click on the Ok button and choose the ‘network’ option. 
  • Again,  using the arrow key, find and choose the ‘WLAN’ option.  This will direct you to the WLAN menu once you top on the ok button.
  • Select ‘Setup Wizard’  and click on the ‘Ok’ button. You will see the message on screen asking you ‘WLAN Enable’?. Tap on the Yes option and click on the ok button for enabling the Wi-Fi network settings.
  •  Now the wireless setup wizard with Brother printer will start looking for the available Wi-Fi network names.
  •  Select the Wi-Fi network name to which you would like to connect your Brother printer and click on the View button.  Make sure that network you have selected has high-speed internet connectivity.  If the selected Wi-Fi name is secured with the password,  you need to enter the password for Brother MFC l2700dw Setup
  •  Once you have submitted the password the LCD screen will show you the message ‘Connected’  on your printing device.  In case the printer is not connected to the network,  print the report for troubleshooting the error and try to connect again.   After connecting the printer successfully to the Wi-Fi network,  print 3 test report to make sure that everything is working fine.

So,  these are simple steps that can help you with Brother MFC l2700dw connect to WiFi setup process.  We hope that after following the guidelines, you will be able to connect your Brother printer to the Wi-Fi network successfully. But,  if your printer is not connected to the WiFi network, you need to contact the printer experts and seek the professional advice to fix the problem. Brother professionals have years of experience and easily mitigate any Brother printer problem. So, get the professionals advice and complete the setup without any hassle.