Brother Printer Installer

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Brother Printer Installer

Today, In this guide, we are going to talk about the Brother Printer Installer. So, carefully read all the mentioned instructions and follow them to set up your Brother printer on your own. The process is pretty simple. If you are installing the Brother printer, the basic and foremost requirement is the network connection, you must have the wireless network connection. In case, you are unable to proceed with Brother Printer Installer, you can take the expert assistance to complete the process. 

Below we have mentioned some simple guidelines to connect the printer to the network and complete Brother printer Wifi Setup. Follow all the mentioned steps carefully to avoid mistakes in the process:

Connect your Brother Printer to the Wireless Network:

  • Turn on your Brother Printer.

  • Go to the menu and Network using the ‘Up and Down’ key.

  • Press the Up and Down Key to go to the ‘WLAN Wizard’.

  • Once you are on the ‘WLAN Wizard’, you have to choose the setup wizard.

  • If ‘WLAN’ is enabled, then you can directly go to the ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’.

  • Now, your device will display the list of the available network for brother printer wifi setup, you have to select your network and tap on the Ok.

  • Once you have chosen your Wireless network, you can see the encryption type. Select the encryption type ( WPA or WEP) and proceed further with the process.

  • At last, the password window will display on your screen. Here you have to type the password for the wireless network and click on the OK button.

Brother Printer Wifi Setup

Once you have connected the Brother printer to the wireless network, you need to proceed with the Brother printer WiFi setup. To complete the setup process, you are supposed to install the Printer drivers on your device and for that, you can use the disk came with your device.

In case, you do not have the Brother Printer Drivers disk, then don’t be panic, just visit the Brother Printer official website and download the drivers from there to run it on your desktop.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • To download the printer drivers, you need to mention the model number of your printer. Chose your printer model and tap on the Next.

  • After selecting the printer model, you will be directed to the printer menu, where you need to install the printer drivers for your device.

  • Once you choose the Install a Brother printer drivers option, you will get the agreement window where you need to read the terms and click on I Agree option to proceed further.

  • Tap on the next.

  •  Your device will begin with the basic setup process after installing the files.

  •  Once you have completed the installation process, the printer will ask you for the ‘Connection Type’. Choose the Wireless connection as your connection type and tap on the Next.

  • In this step, you can choose the appropriate connection type. Click on the next.

  • If you have installed any antivirus or firewall on your device, then you need to select the ‘Change Firewall Settings to Enable Network Connection and Continue with Installation’ to proceed with the process.

  • Now, you will see your printer appearing in the lost, choose your Printer Type; and tap on the Next.

  • Your Brother Printer WiFi Setup is now complete and you are all set to use the printer wirelessly.

By following these simple Brother Printer Installer guidelines, you can complete the Brother printer wireless setup process easily. All the steps are simple to execute, just make sure that you follow the guidelines step by step as they are mentioned in the sequence to avoid troubles in the Printer installation process. 

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