Brother TN630 WiFi Setup

Brother has introduced many printing models in the market but Brother TN 630 printer is considered to be one of the best printer models by Brother. If you want to complete the Brother TN630 WiFi setup for your device, this guide can help you.  Wireless printer connectivity allowed the printer to print the documents wirelessly without establishing any physical connection between the printer and computer. Making a connection is just a matter of a few minutes and once you are done with the Brother TN630 WiFi setup, you can start printing the documents whenever you want. In this post, we are going to share the simple step by step guidelines that can help you to complete the wireless setup for your Brother printer without any trouble. So, read on and find the simple steps to complete the process.

Connect Brother TN630 to WiFi: Guidelines To Follow

Before you proceed with the Brother TN630 WiFi setup you need to check and note down the following information. 

  • Network name. 
  • Network key.

Setup the Printer on Wireless Network

  • Connect the power cord to your ‘Brother Printer and after that connect it to the power outlet. 
  • Turn on the Brother Printer. 
  • Hit the ‘Up and Down’ arrow key for choosing the Network option and click on the ‘Ok’ button. 
  • Again, using the Up and Down arrow key and find the ‘WLAN’ option. After that, click on the Ok button. 
  • Click on the ‘Up and Down’ key and choose the ‘Setup Wizard’ option and click on the ‘Ok’ button. 
  • If the question “WLAN Enable?“ appear on your screen, click on the Ok button and enable the WiFi network.  The Wireless Network Wizard will start. 
  • The device will start looking for the network and show you the network names on your screen. When you see the SSID appearing, you have to use the Up and Down arrow key and choose the ‘SSID’ option. 
  • Choose one of the given options: 
    • If you want to use the ‘Authentication and Encryption’ method which needs the ‘Network Key’. You need to enter the Network key and click on the Ok button. Tap on Yes option to confirm the Settings. 
    • In case the Authentication method is ‘Open System’ and you have not selected the Encryption Mode, proceed with the next step. 
    • Your Brother printer will try to connect to the WiFi network.

To download the printer software and drivers, you can visit the Brother printer official website. You need to enter the printer model and proceed with the onscreen instructions to complete the software installation on your device.

We hope that these simple steps will help you to complete the Brother TN630 printer WiFi setup for your device. All the mentioned guidelines are very simple and easy to follow, but if you are still unable to complete the Brother printer Wireless Setup for your device, we recommend you to contact the experts and seek the professional advice to complete the process. The expert will help to find the issue and complete the setup quickly.