Brother Wireless Printer Setup

Nowadays,  printers come with the capability of printing documents with radiofrequency waves.  This means you can print any document, picture, PDF, email, or any other printable material from your computer without using the wired connection.  There are multiple printer brands available in the market, but Brother is considered to be the best for delivering quality printing services.  Once you complete the Brother Wireless Printer Setup on your device, you can print the documents wirelessly using your Brother printer. In this guide,  we are going to share the simple step by step guidelines that can help you to complete the Brother Wireless Printer Setup on your device. So,  read the guide carefully and get all the information about your printer wireless setup.

The process to install the Brother printer or any other printing device is quite similar,  but there can be little variation due to different brands.  If you are planning to connect  Brother Printer to Wi-Fi,  you can follow the guide mentioned below to complete the process.   Setting up the Brother printer does not take but efforts.   If you are little aware of the technology,  you can easily complete the setup process without any hassle.  Below is the step by step instructions given to do this:

  • Press the Menu Key present at your Brother printer. 
  • Go to ‘Network Wizard’ and find the Wireless Network. 
  • Choose the WLAN Network. 
  • Choose your WiFi network and enter the password. 
  • Once you are connected, use your printer to print with the WiFi router. 

 If your Brother printer is still not connected to the Wi-Fi network, follow the instructions below:

  • From Start,  open the Control Panel. Go to Hardware and Sound>>Devices and Printers. 
  •  On the top of the right-hand side,  click on ‘Add Printer’. 
  •  Now, add a printer driver.
  • Choose “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer” option, and hit the ‘Next’ button. 
  •  Your Windows will start scanning for the printer and if it is detected,  select the printer and click on the ‘Next’. 
  •  If your printer is not mentioned there,  you have to click on an option The printer that I want isn’t listed”.  Now,  skip adding Brother printer by name or TCP/IP address.
  •  It is recommended to add the printer by using TCP/IP.
  •  Choose “Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname” option. 
  •  Hit the next button.
  • Now, type the IP address of your Brother printer and click on the Next.  
  •  For the IP Address, you can simply log in to your Wi-Fi router and find the connected devices for clients.
  •  Here you can check the printer connected and its IP address details.
  •  Now you can use this IP address for connecting your printer.

 That’s all, these are some simple steps that can help you to complete Brother wireless printer setup on your device.   The mentioned steps are very simple and easy to follow.  But, if you are still unable to complete the printer wireless setup,  recommend you contact printer experts and take their advice to complete the setup without any hassle.