How to Connect Canon MX472 to WiFi

The devices of Canon are just beyond wonderful, as they will just not resolve your issues, but the interface is so smooth, that you will find everything handy and easy to do. Moreover, it is very easy to do the setting of your printer. This article will explain to you in detail about Canon MX472 connecting to WiFi. Moreover, if you will follow the steps carefully, and won’t skip the single step, then you can successfully do the Canon MX472 WiFi Setup.

Steps to do Canon MX472  WiFi Setup

There can be numerous ways to set up the Canon MX472, but no page will explain the whole process in a very detailed manner. Therefore, by following the steps given below, there are very negligible chances like you won’t understand what to do. Each and every step is explained in a detailed manner. So, let’s start with the procedure, and do the steps as they are mentioned:

Phase 1: Connecting Canon MX472 to WiFi

To connect the Canon MX 472 with WiFi, there are two possible ways to do so. One can follow any method, whatever suits you. The very first is the common method, connecting to the WiFi, and the other way is to do with the help of the WPS button. As the WPS button is not available with every router, the first method is safe to play. Though both the methods have been explained for the ease of everyone.

Method 1: Following basic method for Canon MX472
  • At first, turn on your printer by pressing the Power Key.
  • On the printer, find the settings button on the screen of the printer, and tap it.
  • Now, by clicking over the arrow, move to the device settings. Select the option OK, and tap on it.
  • Now, with the help of the arrow keys, go to the LAN settings of the printer, and tap the OK button.
  • Now, navigate to the Wireless LAN settings by using the mouse pointer on the printer’s screen, and click over OK. You will observe now that the printer is trying to find the available WiFi networks and the LED on the printer will blink during the search.
  • After selecting the required WiFi network, press the OK button. Now, fill in the WiFi password, if the prompt asks. Then click OK.
    Canon MX472 Connect to WiFI
  • Now, the screen on the printer will show “Connected” on the screen.
Method 2: Following WPS Button

If there is a WPS button available on your router, then it is the most viable method to use for connecting to the WiFi. so, it is the very first thing to make sure that both the Canon MX 472 and WiFi router should support the WPS function in order to follow this method.

  • Press the WPS button on your printer i.e. Canon MX 472 and keep it pressed for around 10 seconds. On the display screen of your printer, there will be a message WPS is running.
  • Now, repeat the same procedure with the WPS router i.e. hold the WPS button for few seconds. Wait for the process to get complete. Hold on for few minutes till both the devices get connected.
  • That’s it. Your Canon MX 472 is now connected to WiFi. Take the test printout for the Settings of the printer.

Phase 2: Adding Canon Printer to the System

Now, the setup of the printer with WiFi is complete. So, to take the printouts, it is required to connect the printer to the system. In order to do this, complete the following steps:

  • Press the “Windows” key and key “R” simultaneously. 
  • Now, in the provided blank box, Copy-paste the name of Microsoft devices and the printer.
  • After clicking the OK button, locate the “Add Printer” option.
  • Now, the on-screen instructions will appear on the screen. After the completion of the process, the process of connecting the printer and system is complete.
  • Take any test-print out for confirmation.

Still Stuck!

In case, you are still finding it difficult and got stuck during the Canon MX472 Wifi Setup, then you can contact our team of technicians, without any hesitation. They are having expertise in this field and will resolve your issue from the root, and you will get the best solution in the market.