Canon Pixma TS3100 Setup

Canon Pixma TS3100 is one of the most on-demand printers in the market. With Canon Pixma TS3100 Setup, a user can wirelessly print the documents anytime they want. This printer device is compact, affordable and support the user-friendly features that fulfill all the printing demands of the customers. The simplicity of Canon Pixma TS3100 makes the printer an ideal choice for the customers for wireless printing. It shares a reliable user-experience of printing the documents from the computer, tablet, and smartphone device. In this guide, we are going to share the simple instructions for Canon Pixma TS3100 Setup that help the users in completing the printer installation without any hassle. 

Canon Pixma TS3100 Setup with Direct Wireless Connection Method: Steps to follow

You can complete the Canon TS3100 setup download using the Wireless Direct method. This allows you to connect the printer wirelessly to any device which supports the wireless printing. Here are the steps to follow: 

Set Printer LAN Settings to Enable Wireless Direct of printer

  • Turn on your printer and press and Direct button present on the LCD panel. 
  • The Wireless Direct feature is now enabled and you can wirelessly print the document using your device.

Configure the Device Settings to Connect the Printer

  • Go to the Device Setting menu and enable ‘Wifi’ for the wireless communication. 
  • Choose ‘XXXXXX- TS3100 Series’. Here the XXXXXX represents the Last six digit of the Mac address of your printer. 
  • Enter the password. 
  • As the password is printer-specific, you need to know the password by taking printout of network settings information.

Now, your device is wirelessly connected to the printer and Canon Pixma TS3100 Setup is complete. At this point, you can connect 5 devices to your printer. 

Start the Printing and Scanning documents with WiFi Direct

Once your printer and device are connected, you can start printing and scanning the documents. 

How to Connect Canon TS3100 Printer to WiFi?

There are two ways of doing this: Once is using the WPS Compatible Wireless Router and the other is through WPS Pin Code Connection: 

Steps to Connect the Canon TS3100 printer to the wireless network using WPS Compatible Wireless Router: 

  • Check for the WPS button or your wireless router. 
  • Press and hold the ‘Network’ button on the printer until you see the Network Status icon flashing lights. 
  • Press the WPS button on the router within 2 minutes. 
  • One the router connection is completed, the network status and signal strength icon will start glowing. 
  • In case of alarm light, follow the troubleshooting guide, your Canon Pixma TS3100 Setup is complete. 

Steps to Connect the Canon TS3100 printer to the wireless network with WPS method

You can also complete the printer setup with WPS pin. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Load A4 size sheets in the printer. 
  • Click the ‘Information’ button on your printing device, 
  • ‘Use the print command for printing the network configuration page having the PIN code. 
  • Click on the Setup button 10 times. 
  • Hit the Color button. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set the WPS PIN code. 

Once you are done with the wireless router connection, the network status and signal strength icon will start glowing.

 This is How to Connect Canon TS3100 Printer to WiFi. All the mentioned guidelines are simple and easy to follow. But, if you still have doubts, you can contact the experts and seek their assistance to clear your concern.