Canon Printers Troubleshooting


Canon Printers Troubleshooting

Are you facing trouble with your canon printer and looking for a reliable solution for the problems? We are here to help you.  Follow the below-given canon printers troubleshooting steps and resolve the different errors you are encountering in Canon Printer.  Canon printer troubleshooting steps are very easy to follow and help you to mitigate the various technical glitches of the Canon printer.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the canon printer problems and get a solution for all the errors.


How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Problems

Step 1: If the indicator lights of Canon Printer is flashing in some specific manner, then you need to consult the manual to check whether there is some error code corresponding to that. You need to follow the manual instructions for fixing the error.

Step 2: For Canon printer troubleshooting, make sure that your printer is turned on and connected with your computer. Have a quick visual inspection of the printer’s top to check out whether there is any paper stuck in the paper feed.

Step 3: Restart the system and try to print off something new in case your system is not recognizing your printer and printing commands are not executing from the queue. This can help you to fix the fix canon printer problems.

Step 4: Go to the “control panel” on your computer and choose the option “printers and faxes”. Now, click on “Add a Printer” button, if you are not able to see the Canon Printer in the list and after that, you need to follow the “on screen” instructions so the system will able to detect the printer for canon printer troubleshooting.

Step 5:  Try to uninstall and reinstall the Canon software you got with your printer. After that, visit the official website of canon printer and download the latest version of the software driver.

Step 6: On your Canon Printer software, select the “options” or “properties” tab. Select the option to “clean print heads” and “ test alignment”, depending on the software version you are presently using. Now, wait till printer completes the alignment and after that print off the test page. Check whether the test page is printed properly and after that if required, contact for the replacement option and have canon printer troubleshooting for your Canon printer.

So, if you are facing any issue with Canon Printer, try these canon printers troubleshooting steps and get the problem solved.