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How to Setup Canon Wireless Printer

Trying to have a successful Canon wireless printer setup but unable to do so? Or have you spent a number of hours in searching for an appropriate process to have printer setup successfully on your system? Don’t waste your time on anything. Here we are sharing the procedure following which you can have a successful wireless printer setup for your system.

For printer setup wireless, you need to connect the canon printer to WiFi  and after that add the wireless canon printer to your computer.


How to Connect Canon Printer  Wireless to wifi?

It is very easy to connect Canon printer to wifi, just  follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the power button and turn on your printer.

  • Click on the “settings” button and after that press the “arrow button”. Go to “device settings “ and then click on “Ok”.

  • Press the “arrow” button, until you see “LAN settings” option and then click on “Ok”.

  • Click on “arrow” button, until you see “Wireless LAN setup” option and then click on “Ok”.


Now printer will start looking for the WIFI Network and the meanwhile you will see a light blinking.

  • If it is taking a lot of time in searching the wifi, then you can choose the “stop” option and it will be redirected to the “wireless LAN setup”, “standard setup” and click on “OK”.

  • Click on the “Arrow” button, till you find the “WIFI” network and click on OK.

  • Enter the “WIFI password”  and click on “Ok”.

  • Again click on “OK” and the connected message will display.

Add Canon Printer to the Computer:

  • Click on the Windows logo key and “R” from your keyboard together. After that copy and paste the “control /name Microsoft.devices and printers” in the box and click on “OK”.

  • Click on “add a printer” option and complete the process by following the on-screen instructions.

  • The process to connect Canon printer to wifi is now completed. Try to print a test page.


Follow these given points and have had successful Canon wireless printer setup for your system. Follow the steps in sequence to avoid any hurdle in printer setup wireless.

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