Connect HP Printer To Computer 


How to Connect HP Printer to the Computer Windows 10

Hewlett Packard is a renowned company popular for its high-quality products like computers, laptops, and printers. HP Printers delivers high-quality outputs and compatible with almost every computer brand including Samsung, Dell and many more. Thus, you can connect the HP printer to computer easily. Installation of HP Printer is a quite easy process, you can connect HP printer to computer easily by following the simple steps.

How to add HP printer to computer?

HP Printers are compatible with almost every computer system as long as the printer port of the computer is compatible. You can easily Add an HP printer by following the simple instructions. When you connect HP printer to the computer, make sure that you follow every given step in the proper sequence as one mistake can fail the entire process.

  • Turn on your computer.

  • Now, you need to insert the “Printer Installation Disk” in your computer’s DVD ROM or CD driver to Install HP printer. If you do not have an Installation Disk, you can turn on the printer and allow your system to find out all required printer drivers online. Go to “HP” and choose “Support and Drivers”. Click on “Start Detection” button for detecting the HP printer and to find out important software and drivers.

  • Alternatively, you can also enter the model number of your HP printer in the “for product”field and after that click on the go option, to get the right drivers and software for to connect HP printer to the computer.

  • Follow the installation prompts for installation of HP printer drivers and software. The prompt will notify you that you need to unplug the HP printer and then plug it back again to your system.

  • Now, print a test page to check whether HP printer is properly connected to the computer or not. If you fail to print the test page, click on the start menu and open the “Start Menu”. Choose the “printers and other hardware.” check whether your printer is online or not. If it is offline, check the plugin and if required, repeat the installation process for troubleshooting the issue and successfully install HP printer. 

Follow these steps and connect HP printer to the computer. Make sure all the cable are properly connected and devices getting the proper power supply.

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