Connecting Canon Pixma Printer to WiFi

Undoubtedly, Canon is ruling the world of the Inkjet Printing category. The printing outputs are amazing and best in the industry. Canon Pixma printer comes with exciting features and capable to perform the multiple functions. But, before a user executes any printing command, Connecting a Canon Pixma Printer to WiFi is important. Wireless printing makes the printing process easier, once connected to the wireless network, a user can print documents from any device connected to the wifi. But, Connecting Canon Pixma Printer to WiFi is quite tricky. In this guide, we are going to share the simple instructions that can help you to easily connect the printer to the wireless network. 

Canon Pixma Wireless Setup – Easy Guidelines

You can link the Canon Pixma printer to WiFi using the wireless LAN connection. To know about the detailed instructions, go through the user manual. Below are the guidelines for Canon Printer Wireless Setup. Follow the steps carefully to avoid troubles in the process: 

Easy Step by Step Guidelines:

  • Press and hold the ‘WiFI’ button on the printer until you see On lamp flashing. 
  • Hold the Black button. Tap and hold.
  • Now, press the WiFi button. 
  • Make sure that ‘WiFi’ lamp blows and the ‘On’ lamp is blinking. 
  • Tap and hold the button present on the wireless router for about 2 minutes. 
  • Check and make sure that ON lamp and WiFi are illuminated. 

Detailed Instructions for Canon Printer Wireless Setup

  • Start by inserting the CD in the disk drive of your computer and click on “My Computer” or “This PC” option. Tap on the disk and double click “msetup4.exe” file.  In case, if you do not have the CD, you can visit the Canon Printer official website for connecting Canon Pixma Printer to wifi
  • Tap on the next and choose ‘Wireless LAN Connection’ to proceed further. For connecting to the wireless LAN, click on the Access Point Connection and tap on the Next. 
  • Check and make sure that your Canon Printer is turned on. The green lights must be on and if Yes, tap to the next.  The software will start looking for the printer which already connected automatically. If you are connecting for the first time, the printer won’t be discovered.  Once you have discovered the name of your printer on the list, you can click on the Next option to connect the printer to the wireless network. 
  • Tap to the click and click on Wireless Setup to begin the installation. Press and hold the wifi button present on the Canon printer until you see the orange light flashing twice. After this, release the button and click on the Next option. The Blue WiFi lamp light must be flashing fast. Two minutes later, go to the ‘Access Point’ and click on the ‘Wireless Button’. The Blue and green light should stop blinking and only lit. 
  • Once the Access Point link is completed, tap on the next. Select your region, language and click next to proceed further. Choose the software that you want to install and tap on the “Next”. Click on Yes. Get agree with the License Agreement to connect the printer to the wireless network. 
  • Click on the next. To find the printer, you need to click the ‘Redetect’ option. It may take a few seconds for the software to find your printer on the network. 
  • After Canon Printer Wireless Setup, or completing the installation, you will see that the screen is displaying the wireless network SSID and Printer model details. Tap on the Complete.  Follow on-screen guidelines to complete the process. 

That’s All! With these simple instructions, you can complete the Connecting Canon Pixma Printer to WiFi for your device. Follow the guidelines carefully, to complete the setup without any hassle.