Connecting WLAN Brother Printer

The Printer Wi-fi setup is a core element of many work-related activities.  Completing the setup in the desired manner is important to make sure that the printing machine is available all the time for printing the work-related documents. When it is about Connecting WLAN Brother Printer, it is necessary to carefully follow the guidelines or steps for an uninterrupted printing experience. If you have no idea about the Printer Wi-fi setup or configuration, read this post. Here, you will find the temple steps for Connecting WLAN Brother Printer. Before you proceed next, note down the important information about your Wi-Fi network and keep it handy. This will help you during the connectivity process.

 How to Connect a Brother Printer to WiFi?

For the Brother printer setup, perform the below-mentioned steps and accomplish your task:

  • Examine the Base or Side of the wireless router or access point.
  • Review the user manual carefully and there you will find the prerequisites details related to the username and password of the Wi-Fi network. Also, you can check the backside of your router or access point to get details.
  • Proceed with the Brother printer setup, locate the power cord, connect it to your current and then the electric outlet turns it on.
  • Hit the ‘Menu’ button from the machine’s control panel.
  • Using the arrow key, choose the network you would like to connect.
  • Using the navigation keys, choose the ‘WLAN’ and hit the Ok button.
  • Choose ‘ setup wizard’ using the arrow key and click on the Ok button.
  • A prompt will appear on your screen to enable the ‘WLAN’. Tap ‘Yes To begins with the Wi-Fi setup wizard.
  • Now, you can see the list of available Wi-Fi networks within the range. Choose your preferred Wi-Fi network to connect and hit the Ok button.
  • After this, you need to enter the Wi-Fi password to connect. Once you have entered all the details, hit the button.

The process of connecting to the Wi-Fi network will begin. If your machine does not successfully complete the Wi-Fi setup process, you will see a message appearing on your screen and saying ‘Brother printer not connecting to Wi-Fi’.  In such a situation,  We recommend you check the login details you have entered. You might have the wrong username or password.  If this does not resolve your problem, reset the router and connect your printing device again.

Restart Printer and WiFi Network

  • Turn off your printer and remove the power cable. 
  • Restart the router and modem. 
  • Turn on the printer. Go to the WiFi settings and try to connect your printing device again. 

As we are pretty sure that with the above steps you would be able to complete the Brother Printer Setup over the WiFi network. But, if some trouble occurs in between and hampers your user experience,  refer to the printer user manual and find the simple troubleshooting guidelines to fix your problem.  Once the setup is done, you can bring high-quality pictures in documents anytime you want, using any of your devices connected to the Wi-Fi.  Just make sure that your printer and device you use to the printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi to make the process work.