Epson Connect Printer Setup

Setup Epson Printer in Windows 10

Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility

Epson Connect printer setup allows you to print and scan the documents from any location.  The wifi characteristics of the printer make it user-friendly. So, enjoy these amazing features after Epson connect printer setup.

Usually, it takes a lot of time in the setup process. One wrong step can result in the failure of an entire process and you may require to have Epson connect printer setup utility again.  Here, we are sharing the process following which you can have a successful setup Epson connect printer. The process is quite simple, let’s have a look at the setup process.

Epson Connect Printer Setup for Windows

Most of the users have the Windows operating system installed on the computer. Here are the steps you can follow for Epson printer setup on the windows.

  • Download and Install the “Epson connect printer setup”.

  • Agree to the “terms and conditions “ in the license agreement and click on “next”.

  • Click “Install” and after that “finish”.

  • Choose your product and tap to next.

  • Select “Printer Registration” and click on the “Next”.

  • When the message “  Register a printer to Epson Connect” get displayed on your screen, click on “Ok”.

  • At last, you need to follow some other steps to complete this process.

  • If you are making a “new account”, then you need to fill the required details in “Create an Epson Connect Account” form. After that, click on “finish”.

  • If you want to register the new products with an existing account, then choose “ I already have an account”. Now, fill the “Add a new printer” form and after that click on “Add” option.

  • Tap to close.

So, have Epson connect printer setup successfully without any hassle by following the above given steps. Make sure that you carefully follow all the steps as one mistake can result in the failure of the entire setup process. You can also take an advice from an expert if you face an issue in the setup process.