Canon MF644CDW Wireless Setup

Though smartphones have changed lives a lot and we want everything accessible through our phones. The books have been changed to e-books and documents to scanned copies, but still there are some things for which we looked for the printed copies like some legal documents. The Canon MF644CDW is the printer that would help you with this. This color printer will print all the colored details with proper sharpness and it will seem like there is a printed softcopy in front of us. Hence, having this printer is like a blessing. In this article, we will learn about Canon MF644CDW Setup so that you can use that without facing any problem.

Steps for the Canon MF644CDW Wireless Setup

The Canon MF644CDW Setup is not the complicated one, and anyone can do that very easily. They have to just follow each and every step in an exact way as mentioned below:

Step 1: Placement of printer

In the very first step, you have to carefully unbox the printer, and then keep it near to your desired system.

Step 2: Connect it to Power Supply

Now, after the proper placement of the printer at your desired place, connect it to the power supply using the power cable provided with it.

Step 3: Select the Language

In the Control Panel for your printer, select the operating language for a printer that you want.

Step 4: Follow on-screen instructions

After the selection of the desired language, the on-screen instructions will open up on the Window. Follow these instructions step by step in order to complete the setup.

Step 5: Setup is Complete

With this, your setup will be complete, but still, the printer won’t work as there is a need to download the driver. After downloading the driver, you can print anything on this printer.

Steps to download the Driver for Printer

Though you have completed the setup for the printer, it still won’t work as the bridge is missing between the printer and the system. So, the bridging system between the driver and printer is called the driver. So, you need to install it first before making Canon MF644CDW workable. At first, try to locate the CD in the box, whether you get that with the package or not. In case, you have the same with the package, then insert it into the optical drive and install the driver. But, if you are unable to find that, then don’t worry, you can locate that on the internet as well.

Downloading Driver with CD

If you have found the CD from the package, and insert it into the optical drive, then the installation window will open. So follow the steps given below for complete installation.

  • The Terms and Conditions window will open for Canon, and accept them in order to continue.
  • The on-screen instructions window will open. Follow them properly, till you have reached the step of driver selection.
  • Select for the full feature driver i.e. the driver that is suitable for printing, scanning, copying, or faxing. But, if you want you can select any other feature as well. 
  • Click over Next after selecting the appropriate driver for yourself.
  • With this step, your installation will be complete, and the prompt will open asking you to connect according to your chosen mode.
  • Now, take a test print and you are all set to go.

Downloading Driver via Online Method

If you have not got the CD with your package, then you can download it from the website. The detailed steps for this procedure are given below:

  • Launch the web browser of your choice.
  • Visit the official site
  • Now, click over the Download showing near to MF644Cdw/MF642Cdw MFDrivers(Generic Plus UFR II / Generic FAX / ScanGear).
  • Now, accept the Terms and conditions, and complete the on-screen instructions in order to install.
  • Choose the driver selection, and further continue to complete the installation.
  • Take the test page for a printer in order to confirm the working of the printer.

Now, after the installation of the driver, you can use the printer for the desired purpose. Now, you can take printouts, scan copies, or fax them with this printer. Hence, it completes the Canon MF644CDW Wireless Setup. Still, if you get confused, and unable to locate something, contact us for your help!