How to hook up HP printer to WiFi?

With the advancement in technology, HP printer is also becoming smarter.  Now, it has become simpler and convenient to print documents with HP printer. If you want to know How to Hook up HP printer to WiFi network, read this guide. Here, we are going to share the simple steps that can help you to print the documents with your HP printer from any location wirelessly. Moreover, you can print the document with your smartphone device. So, let’s proceed further and learn how to hook up HP printer to WiFi network.

Connect to Wireless HP Printer With Wireless Setup Wizard

You can Connect to Wireless HP Printer with Wireless Setup wizard on the control panel of your printer. This method is applicable only for HP printers having the graphic display. 

  • Turn on the printer. 
  • After that, you need to check and make sure that no Ethernet or USB cable from the HP printer. 
  • On the printer’s Control panel, you have to tap on the ‘Wireless’ icon and then go to the ‘Network’ menu. 
  • Choose the ‘Wireless Settings’ and after that, tap on the ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’. 
  • Search for the network and then type the WEP key or WPA key hit the ‘Ok’ button. 

Important: If you are unable to find the ‘WiFi’ name appearing in the list. After that, you need to enter the new Network Name manually.

Connect to Wireless HP Printer: WPS Push Button Connect

If your HP Printer and router supports the WiFi protected setup (WPS) push-button mode, you can easily connect to Wireless HP Printer with a push on your router and printer for about 2 minutes. 

  • Press the ‘WPS’ button on your HP printer. 

In case, you are unable to find the WPS push button on your HP printer, you need to open the Control Panel, to begin with the WPS Push Button mode.  Click on the ‘Wireless’ menu and then tap on the ‘WiFi Protected Setup’.

After that, you heed to follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the printer setup process.  Choose the WPS button and when prompted, you need to press the WPS button present on your router. 

  • Press the ‘WPS Push’ button present on the router for about two minutes. 

Important: In case your system ask for the Pin, take a look at the HP device, If the code is not present there, you can get the from WPS.
We hope that these simple steps will let you know how to connect HP printer to WiFi. All the guidelines re very simple and easy to follow, but if you are still unable to complete the Wireless Setup for the HP printer, we suggest you contact the HP Printer experts and seek the professional advice for completing the setup process. The expert will give you the best possible solution for easy wireless setup on your device.