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Connect Brother Wireless Printer in Mac

When we purchase a new printer, the first thing comes in our mind is that now we can print any important document whenever we want. You can easily set up a wired printer following the simple steps. But, wireless printer setup can be very frustrating and confusing. Here are the simple and easy steps which you can follow to set up brother wireless printer in Mac

The main issue occurs in Brother Wireless Printer Setup is that Drivers  Printer Driver Installation Disk refuses to get installed and demand driver software as they are not compatible and outdated.  The things get harder when you are not able to find out the wireless setup and driver option in the Brother’s printer.

Here are the steps you need to  to follow set up brother wireless printer in Mac

Connect the brother printer with a Wireless network:

  • Kindly note down given details for “Wireless Network”.

“Network Name or SSID –  The wireless network name and Access Point”.

“Network Security key – WEP Key, Encryption Key, Passphrase”.

  • Check the printer display panel or the control panel to find out the option of Menu, Settings or Options button”.
  • Click on Menu/Setup/ options button to visit the Network Settings.
  • Choose “Network Setup Wizard” and  “Wireless Setup”.
  • The printer must be available for “Wireless Setup” now and must display the list.
  • Select the home Network and enter the password.
  • Click on OK to connect,
  • Once your Brother Wireless Printer gets connected to the network, you need to move on to the next step which is printer setup.
  • Steps to Set up Brother Wireless Printer
  • Download the Brother Printer Drivers on MAC and Install them.
  • Once you have installed the drivers, right click on the driver installation file or  “Ctrl + click” the driver installation file.
  • Now select the “ Show packages contents”  and double click on the “Wireless Setup Wizard”.
  • If you see any of the “Security warning” or “Confirmation message” related to file opening then tap on yes and open it to confirm.
  • Select “Yes I have a USB cable” to temporarily use for the installation of printer and tap on “Next”.

Now wizard might show you the “Wireless Network Settings” to which you MAC is connected.

  • Confirm the Network KEy and SSID  and tap on Next.
  • When asked, connect your USB cord temporarily to the Computer and the other end with your “Brother Printer”.
  • If you are showing with the list of wireless network available then select the “Network Name” and Enter the “Wireless Network Key”.
  • Once the wireless settings are sent to the “Brother Printer”, you will be asked to disconnect the USB cable from the system.
  • Click next after disconnecting the cable, select the machine from the list and click on Next.
  • Wizard will install drivers and add Brother Printer to MAC and you are all set to use the printer.

Follow these simple steps and set up brother wireless printer in MAC.

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