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HP 123 Support – HP Printer Setup

HP printers are one of the best technologies introduced in the market. These printers are reliable and affordable to use. With time HP has improved the printing quality with better clarity, so take advantage of improved features and get HP 123 setup today. For the process, you need to connect the printer to the internet using printer’s wireless setup wizard. You can easily complete the HP 123 setup if your printer supports text navigation control panel and touch. You can get connected to the router easily which support WIFI protected setup, 123.hp.com/setup.

Before you start with 123 HP setup, make sure that you have the below-given items:

  • Network name (SSID).

  • Password (WPA passphrase, WEP).

  • Computer for sharing the same wireless network with a printer.

  • Wireless printer.

At the time installation, make sure that you place the printer close to your computer. Turn on the router, computer, and printer. Connect the computer and printer with the same network. Disconnect all the ethernet cables and USBs. Visit the Printer’s control panel and select- “setup, network or wireless” menu. Now, follow the onscreen instructions of the setup wizard and connect your printer to the network.

If you can not able to connect the printer with network following Wireless setup wizard, then you can follow the “wireless protected setup” method. This process will be successful only if both router and printer support the “WPS Push Button Connection Type”.

Now, press and hold the wireless button on the control panel of your printer for about 8 to 10 seconds. When wireless lights start blinking, release the button. Press the WPS button present on wireless router within the next 2 minutes.

Your printer will get connected to the wireless network instantly once you press the WPS button.

The process to setup HP123 is completed. Make sure that you have a strong internet connection, so you do not face any issue in the setup process. In case, still there is any problem in the HP 123 setup, then you can contact for the customer support. Experts will help you have an easy setup for the printer.