HP printer not printing black

Is the quality of your printed documents not per your expectation? Is HP Printer not printing Black Ink? Don’t Worry! We are here to help you. In this guide, we are going to share the simple troubleshooting steps that can help you fix the printer problems like HP Printer not printing Black ink, faded printouts, document with fuzzy and blurred text, and the other print quality issues. 

Why is my HP Printer not printing Black?

An HP printer, most of the time INkJet printer, encounter the printing errors. One of the most common issues is the HP  printer not printing black ink. Most of the time, the user thinks that it is because of low Black ink, but not able to fix the problem with the installation of new printer cartridges. 

HP Printer Not Printing Black: Troubleshooting Steps To Follow

Always use the Genuine Ink Cartridges

It is recommended to always use the genuine Ink cartridge and toner supplies.  The third-party or refilled cartridges are not reliable to use, so they always prefer to buy HP Ink cartridges.  If you are not using the genuine Ink cartridges human, not able to print the documents.  To check The authenticity of your ink cartridge,  you can simply visit the HP counterfeit webpage.

Ink Cartridge Description
Description – Ink Cartridge  North America, Asia Pacific (not including India, Indonesia, and China ) Africa, Latin America, CIS, and the Middle East Western Europe  India, Indonesia, and China
Black ink cartridge HP 63XL Black 

HP 63 Black

HP 123 Black

HP 123XL Black

HP 302 Black 

HP 302 XL Black 

HP 803 Black

HP 803XL Black


It Works with – HP ENVY 4511, 4512, 4513, 4516, 4520, 4521, 4522, 4523, 4524, 4525, 4526, 4527, 4528, OfficeJet 4650, 4652, 4654, 4655, 4656, 4657, and 4658”.

Description – Ink Cartridges  Aisa Pacific  Latin America  Europe, Africa, and Middle East Asia 
Black ink cartridge HP 680 Black  HP 664 Black

HP 664XL Black

HP 652 Black

Works With – “HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535, 4536, 4538, 4675, 4676, and 4678.

Check For Ink Smears On The Back Of Printouts

 If there is any ink smear on the backside of your printouts, you can fix this issue using the Automated tool. Follow the steps below: 

  • Check and make sure that you have loaded the White plain paper in your printer. 
  • On the Control Panel, Swipe left, and click on Setup. 
  • Click Tools. 
  • Swipe up on the display and click on ‘Clean Page Smear’. 
  • The printer slowly feeds the blank page. 
  • Wait until the printer ejects the blank page. 
  • Try printing the documents. 

Replace or Repair

If the printing issue still appearing, there could be a serious issue with the mechanism of your HP printer. In that scenario, we suggest you repair or replace the printer.

For repairing the printer, you can contact the printer experts and take their help. The professionals can give you a clear idea about the reason behind the HP printer not printing black ink issues and also tell you the root cause of this problem. They can give you the best advice to fix this problem quickly and easily. So, let the professionals handle this task for you and improve the efficiency of your printer.