Canon Printer Setup Windows 10

Once you have connected the canon printer to Windows 10 you need to install the printer driver properly for the effective working of Canon printer. You can download the drivers from the Canon Printer website and follow the below-mentioned steps to install canon printer driver windows 10.

Note: Canon has many Official websites like USA website, Europe Website, UK website etc and they might not share the same model. So, it is recommended for you to download the drivers directly from the browser.

Steps to download and Install the Canon Printer Drivers:

  • In the search engine type “ Canon+Printer Model Name+Driver”. For example, you can type “Canon mf5630 driver” in the google.
  • Usually, the direct link gets displayed at the top of the search list. Click to the link and the page to download the drivers will get displayed.
  • You need to choose the specific operating system. For instance, you can take the “Windows 32 bit”.
  • Click on “Download” for downloading the drivers.
  • Double tap on the driver file downloaded and follow the mentioned instructions for driver installation.
  • You might notice that finding a right driver manually is not an easy task. Thus, you need to consider the following things for right driver installation.

Product Model Name

With product Model name, you can find out the drivers easily and go to the download page. But, it might take more time to find out the right download page for devices like video card, network board, motherboard and many more.

Specific operating system

Make sure that drivers are compatible with your operating system as the other drivers can cause the issues.

Right version of the driver

You might be provided with the different versions of the driver to download, so make sure you choose the right download version. Always go for the latest one.

So, whenever you are downloading the drivers, consider the following point and instructions for right driver installation and to install canon printer driver windows 10 successfully.