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Kodak Verite 55 Driver Download

Kodak Verite 55w eco printer is an inkjet printer introduced by Kodak. This printer is an Eco wireless printer having an Eco button which can help the user to save about 50% on the ink cost. The printer is perfect to use for all users who want to enjoy ink saving benefits.  This printer is easy to use and fall under the budget. To enjoy these amazing benefits, set up the printer today. For any help, you can contact kodak verite support team anytime you want. All your queries will be solved by the experts at kodak verite support.

How to install kodak verite printer on a wireless network?

Important- If you are using any security software or antivirus like Norton or McAfee, then you need to disable them before downloading kodak verite 55 driver. After that, you can enable them again.

You can download the driver software from the official website of Kodak. After that double click it to run the installer.

Complete the installation process

  • Click “yes” when “user account control” windows appear.

  • Follow the provided instructions until “select connection type” screen appears.

  • Complete the setup by following the on-screen instructions.


  • If you have chosen the “wireless connection” then “network LED light “ will turn on when the connection is established.

  • If you want to connect the printer with the same router to which the printer is connected then use (WIFI protected setup) function.

  • Press the “WPS button” present on the router and after that press for about 5 to 10 seconds . after that check out whether the menu display changes to “WIFI Searching”. When the access point searching gets completed, on menu display “ connect to router name” gets displayed. Click on “ok”, the access point and printer gets connected to the WIFI.

By following the given steps, you can have kodak verite 55w eco setup. In case there is any trouble in the setup process, then you can contact the kodak verite support. The expert technicians will handle your query and help you to setup kodak verite 55w eco. Our experts can also help you with any other query related to the Kodak Printer. Just contact the technician at kodak verite support and let them handle all your queries. Our team is well experienced, you will get the best solution to the problem. So, if there is any doubt or issue, call the expert today.