Printer Not Printing Anything

You can get into a serious trouble if your printer fails to respond when you need to take immediate printouts of some important documents. But, fortunately, Printer not printing issue can be resolved easily, all you need to do is add some items in the printer diagnostic checklist and you will be able to solve printer not printing problem of your printer.

Here we are going to discuss some issues which can be the possible reason behind printer not printing issue.

Poor and unstable Connection

The poor or unstable data connection can be the reason behind printer not printing error. Make sure that the WIFI connected to your printer is enabled. check whether the printer is properly connected or not. If required then turn on the WIFI and turn it on again and reconnect your printer to the WIFI.  This can help you to solve the problem if your printer is not printing anything. Also, you need to make sure that your printer is properly connected to your computer.

Outdated Drivers

Most of the users usually get stressed with a thought that “why is my printer not printing anything”? The most commonly identified reason behind this issue is outdated drivers. When the user upgrades to Windows 10  the issue of the printer not printing in Windows 10 is common to occur. This is because the old drivers are not supported by the latest version. Therefore, a user needs to update the drivers or download the latest one. To update or download the drivers, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and get your printer drivers downloaded and updated from there.

Power Supply Issues

The power supply can be another issue behind Printer Won’t Print error. Make sure that your printer is getting a proper power supply from the power outlet. Check the cable connected, the cable should not be broken and also check the power outlet to make sure that there is a proper power supply.

So, if your printer not printing , try out these troubleshooting steps and fix the printer problem. In case, there is some other error, you can contact the technicians and get the problem solved instantly.