Are you facing issues in printing documents in your windows 10?  There could be a number of reasons behind the improper functioning of your printer but you can go for printer troubleshooter windows 10 to fix these errors. Before that, make sure that your printer is getting the required power supply and connected to your system securely. So, download the Printer troubleshooter windows 10  and solve the printer errors.

Here are some steps which you can follow for printer troubleshooting windows 10:

  • Check all the cables connected and make sure that cables are not broken or damaged, if required then replace the cable.
  • Check whether your printer needs a manual start or not, modern printers usually shows the warning signs.
  • for printer troubleshooting windows 10, make sure that the printer is clean as dirt effects the printer’s working.
  • If your printer is on the shared network then, make sure that your printer is properly connected and routers are properly working.
  • If you are using a wireless printer, then ensure that each and every wireless connection is turned on. Check the printer’s user manual book on the website.

Fix Printer Problems Windows 10

Printer troubleshooter for Windows 10 can help you to fix printer problems of windows 10. So, run the troubleshooter and sort out all the issues.

  • Download and run the “Troubleshooter from Microsoft”. A new will open to run the troubleshooter to fix the printer problems with windows 10.
  • Choose the “printer” option and select the “next” option.
  • Now your printer troubleshooter will start detecting the issues in your printer. Once you click on the apply option, printer troubleshooter will fix the windows 10 problems.

Add  Printer again

  • Adding the printer again can help you to fix printer problems windows 10. Follow the given steps:
  • Press “Win + I” key to open the windows settings. After that, navigate to the path “devices>>printers and scanners”.
  • Click on the printers added previously and select “remove device”.
  • Unplug the printer and plug it again in the USB port.
  • Click on the “Add printer or scanner” and again find your device. Again, click on the device and add it.