Reset Canon MG3620

Printing machines provide you with printing the hard copies of the documents whenever you want. One of the best printers available in the market is Canon Pixma MG3620. This all in one inkjet printer comes with the best features and functionalities to share a reliable printing experience with users. However, technical issues can occur at any time, and to deal with those problems, you can Reset the Canon MG3620 printer. So, if your printing device is giving you a hard time, read this post and follow the simple guidelines to Reset Canon MG3620 printer.

How To Factory Reset Canon Pixma Mg3620?

Resetting the printer to its factory default is a simple process, all you need is to follow some simple guidelines to complete the task. Below, we are sharing the step by step instructions for the Canon Pixma Mg3620 Reset on your device.

Factory Reset Canon Printer: Guidelines To Follow

  • Turn on your Canon printer to find the error for searching through the Printer menu.
  • Now, you need to find the ‘Device’ settings and click on the Ok button.
  • Once you hit the ‘Resetting’ tab, you need to hit the Ok button to proceed with the task.

You can even power reset Canon Mg3620 printer to deal with the common printer errors. Below is the step by step guidelines to follow to complete the task.

Power Reset Canon Printer: Guidelines To Follow

  • Turn off your Canon printer and make sure that you have removed it from the power socket and disconnect the Ethernet cord if any attached to it.
  • Now, you need to wait for a while and then plug in your printing device. After that, insert the ‘Ethernet’ cable to your printer again.
  • Try printing a test page to make sure that everything is working fine on your printing device and your issue is resolved.

To Hard Reset Canon MG3620 printer, you can follow the steps below.

Hard reset can help you to bring your Canon printing device back to its factory default settings. So, if you are having trouble printing the documents, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the ‘Stop’ button until the ‘Alarm’ starts.
  • Once the Alarms go for ’19’ times, you have to release the ‘Start’ button. This will bring your printer back to its factory defaults.
  • At last, uninstall the printer from your PC and resintall the device again for the optimized device setup.

So, these are some simple steps that can help you to Reset Canon MG3620 printer. The mentioned guidelines are simple and easy to follow. However, if you are still having trouble with your Canon printing device or there is any other technical error hampering your experience, contact the experts. The experts can help you to find the best possible solution to fix the issue and make sure that you have the best printing experiences with your printing device. The printer professionals are present around the clock, so you can contact them anytime you want.