In present, wireless printers are the most preferred choice for personal and professional use. When you are using a wireless printer, you do not need to set up the device by using cables and wires as wireless printers are capable to communicate with the network. The wireless printer offers the user with an opportunity to print virtually from any location within your home or office campus. If you Set up wireless printer on windows 10, you can enjoy these amazing benefits of wireless printing. Wireless printer is flexible and it maximizes the throughput, especially when you multiple users working together.

When you have different printers, you need to pay a high amount of cost to manage those printers. But, if you install a wireless printer, you can accommodate the printing requirements of different computers.

Nowadays, wireless printers are not difficult to set as it was earlier. New wireless printers are very easy to set up, install and configure and with windows 10 it becomes easier to add the printer over a wireless network.

How to Set up printer wireless on the windows 10:

To set up a wireless printer on windows 10 successfully, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the “settings”.
  • Click on “devices”.
  • Click on the “printer and scanner”.
  • Tap to “add the printer or scanner button”.
  • Choose the printer from given list and after that click on “add device” for wireless printer setup windows 10.

In case, you are not able to see the wireless printer listed on the windows 10, tap the button “ the printer that I want is not listed”  and open the “add printer wizard”. After that follow the given steps to install a wireless printer.

  • Choose “Add a printer using the hostname or TCP/IP option”.
  • Tap to next.
  • Type the printers IP address.
  • Set the device type to “Autodetect” and ensure printer query and select the driver automatically to use checked.
  • Click next “install the wireless printer”.
  • Once the printer is added successfully, the window will name your printer automatically, but if you want you can change the name.
  • Click on next.
  • Choose “ do not share this printer option”.
  • Click on next.
  • Just to make sure that everything is correct, click on “print test page” for printer testing.

Follow the above-given steps and successfully setup wireless printer on windows 10.