Your printer has experienced an unexpected configuration problem

Did your printer has experienced an unexpected configuration problem 0x80070005? Well!  This is a very common problem to occur during the windows update.  This error code indicates that the system is not having the required permission or  System update files are missing.  Windows update plays a very important role in sharing the quality user-experience.   The update brings the most required security patches,  better features,  and system stability. If your printer has experienced an unexpected configuration problem 0x80070005,  this could also be due to the underline issue with the hard drive which corrupts the update your system files downloaded on your device.  In this post,  we are going to share the simple step-by-step guidelines that can help you troubleshoot the configuration problem on your device. So,  read this post and follow the given instructions to get rid of the issue.

Troubleshooting steps to fix printer configuration problem 0x80070005

Immediately Back Up the Critical Files

Before you troubleshoot the problem,  it is very important for you to backup your important files.  Once you have backed up all the required files,  you can proceed with the next steps.

Recover the Files

If by any chance you have not created the backup yet, or you have lost the files due to printer configuration problem 0x80070005, you need to recover them. For recovery, you can contact your printer manufacturer and take expert advice.

Check the Disk Space

 Windows update needs a storage space to install the update successfully. So, before you download the Windows update, it is very important for you to make sure that you have enough storage space for accumulating the updates.  In case, you are running out of space,  you can copy the data from the user profile folder to the different folder or to the external volume media. 

Use Windows Update Troubleshooter

Windows provides you with the dedicated troubleshooter wizard that can help you to fix all the Windows update related issues. Following are the step by step instructions for using the Windows Update troubleshooter: 

For Windows 7 and Windows 8

  • Open the ‘Control Panel’. 
  • Click on the System and choose Security>> Troubleshooting. 
  • Click to troubleshoot the Windows Update issue. 
  • Hit the ‘Advanced’ button. 
  • Choose ‘Apply Repair Automatically’ and then click on the ‘Run as Administrator’. 
  • Hit the Next button and tap to Finish. 

For Windows 10

  • Press ‘Windows + X’ key and go to the Settings. 
  • Click on the ‘Update and Security’ option and hit the ‘Troubleshoot’. 
  • Click on the Windows Update. 
  • Click on ‘Run the Troubleshooter’. 
  • Grant the Admin Permission and follow the troubleshooting wizard to fix the problem. 

Manually Update Windows

To troubleshoot the printer configuration problem 0x80070005,  update your Windows to the latest version.  The outdated windows could also be the reason behind the error. So, update your Windows to make sure that everything works fine. 

Update Printer Drivers

Outdated printer drivers can also cause the printer configuration problem 0x80070005. Thus, make sure that your printer drivers are up to date. To update the drivers, you can visit the printer’s manufacturer website and get the latest drivers for your device from there. Just make sure that you enter the correct details to download the drivers, otherwise, it will cause you trouble. You can also use the installation CD for installing the printer drivers, but it is always recommended to download the drivers from the official website for the latest available version.

So, if your printer has experienced an unexpected configuration problem 0x80070005, follow the steps above and get rid of the issue. If you still have a doubt, we suggest you contact the experts and take professional advice to get rid of the issue.